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Leadership Training

This degree program develops talented students with a global vision to be experts in the control of tropical and emerging infectious diseases, and to contribute to building a better society both in Japan and in the world.

Internationally oriented staff with superb leadership skills
are needed to respond decisively to global health threats

  • 1. Must have broad knowledge of the fundamentals of pathogenesis
  • 2. Must understand theory and practice of infectious disease diagnosis at the highest level
  • 3. Must have advanced knowledge of infection, treatment and prevention
  • 4. Must understand theory and practice concerning infectious disease epidemiology at the highest level
  • 5. Must be fully aware of hygienic conditions in both developed and developing countries
  • 6. Must understand the framework and system of international infectious disease control and their functions
  • 7. Must have risk management knowledge concerning international infectious diseases
  • 8. Must have management ability to effectively implement countermeasures
  • 9. Must have knowledge of related areas including economic globalization, climate change and demographics
  • 10. Must have sufficient English communication skills to guarantee communicative and coordinative abilities
  • 11. Must be able to work in a multicultural framework
  • 12. Must have high moral and ethical standards
Vietnam laboratory

Laboratory in Vietnam

Through our program, we are producing leaders with: the broad knowledge and skills necessary to combat widespread tropical infectious diseases as well as emerging infectious diseases that threaten global human health; a global view; and the leadership ability to promote international education and research.

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