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Program Governance

The program is supported by all sections of the university

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences manages this program. The Graduate Leadership Steering Committee, chaired by the president, has been established as the principle body of management. This committee monitors the progress of the program and conducts proper reviews.

Program governance

1. Graduate Leadership Steering Committee

The Graduate Leadership Steering Committee, chaired by the president of Nagasaki University, makes decisions regarding planning, management, progress evaluation, and operational policies of the program. This committee is also responsible for deciding on various other important matters that may arise.

2. Program Committee

The Program Committee conducts; the selection of enrollees, qualification examinations, evaluations of project research, dissertation reviews, and manages academic conferences and internships.

3. Student Task Force

The Student Task Force is made up of the students. The student task force not only holds research seminars, but also participates as a member in the Evaluation Committee and conducts evaluations from the standpoint of the student.

4. Leading Graduate School Support Office

The Leading Graduate School Support Office is responsible for all program support.

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