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This website is the official homepage of Nagasaki University. This site is administered in accordance with the administrative operating procedures of the Nagasaki University Homepage.

About Copyrights

  • • Nagasaki University holds the copyrights for everything that appears on this website.
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About Links

Individuals are generally allowed to post links to this site on third party websites. However, we kindly ask that beforehand a notification e-mail be sent to the Nagasaki University Center for Public Relations Strategies to that effect. When sending such notifications, please include your name, your contact information and the URL of the website at which you are posting the link. Please be aware that we may ask that you not to post the link depending on the manner in which our site is linked to and the content of the website at which the link is posted. Furthermore, we cannot be at all responsible for any situations that arise out of the posting of the link on third party sites.

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