-To protect people of the world from the threat of infectious diseases- Many people still have infectious diseases in the world. Infectious diseases spread across borders by unpredictable routes and speed and pose a possible threat to the world. The Importance of International Communication Recognized While Working at WHO -Special Interview:Nagasaki University Researchers Efforts in Dealing with Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases Tropical medicine research at Nagasaki University originated in Edo period trade

Professional training with an international perspective over a four-year curriculum

Over the course of the four-year duration of this doctoral course, students will learn both theoretical and practical skills from established tropical disease professionals. This education will furnish students with the experience necessary to work effectively in environments where tropical diseases are endemic. The curriculum includes practical components such as on-the-job training in infectious disease control, how to collaborate with international organisations, internships and pathogen handling skills.



  • Efforts in Tropical and Emwerging Communicable Disease Research
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"Program for Nurturing Global Leaders in Tropical and Emerging Communicable Diseases" Pamphlet


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