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Program Objectives

Develop personnel who can take a leadership role and respond quickly to any given situation related to tropical medicine and infectious diseases.

Field research in Kenya

Graduate student conducting a field survey in Kenya

With outbreaks of new, rapidly spreading infectious diseases and the continual threat from established ones, there is a greater need for education and R&D in the field of tropical and emerging infectious diseases. In addition, planning and implementing disease control measures are necessary on a long-term global scale. At the same time, because of these infectious disease threats, there is an urgent need for strengthening development of international personnel who can respond promptly, scientifically and in a leadership capacity to pandemic risks. The objective of this program is to nurture internationally, aware personnel equipped with broad knowledge, skills and an international perspective on infectious diseases that threaten global human health. Our graduates will also promote education and research, and provide leadership in tropical and emerging infectious diseases research and control.

Field research in Kwale, Kenya

In Kenya, students from our department
carrying out research
(Kwale, Kenia)

The WHO has called on every country to take measures against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). These NTD's are considered neglected, because not enough time and money is being spent on R&D, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. One of the specific themes of this program to be addressed is how to overcome this lack of interest in tropical infectious diseases, mainly NTDs.

There is a need to keep a sharp eye on the many new infectious diseases such as SARS and emerging influenzas that can spread rapidly. Outbreaks of less common, but high mortality diseases such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever also need to be constantly monitored. Therefore, another theme of this program is the international control of emerging infectious diseases.

Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (Kenya Research Station/Nairobi)

Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (Kenya Research Station/Nairobi)

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