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Prof. Morita's Greeting

Cross-sectional Approach in Acquiring Four Qualities Required for Leadership

Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, Dean, Professor
Program Coordinator
Kouichi Morita

Kouichi Morita

Global leaders in the prevention and control of tropical and emerging infectious diseases must acquire four important qualities: 1) ability to comprehend infectious diseases from the molecular to the community level of biological organization, 2) ability to analyze and address the problems in various health and hygiene conditions which differ according to country and region, 3) communication skill required for international activity, and 4) expertise in infectious diseases and public health.

This program provides the students and the education required for acquisition of these four qualities through a cross-sectional approach?specifically, through interactive learning classes that provide them the opportunity to meet experts who have accumulated vast experience in international organizations and front-line fields of research. Understanding of tropical and infectious diseases requires deep knowledge not only of the individual pathogens, but also of the route of infection, and the social structure and cultural background of the region where the disease exists. Infectious disease control is an interdisciplinary field in which various factors intertwine, and this program was structured based on the need to increase expertise with approaches that differ from the conventional.

Students and faculty from around the world participate in this program, and all lectures are conducted in English. Such an environment is created to cultivate global human resources for an international participation in the control of infectious diseases and in the field of research. We expect applicants who have the desire for an active involvement in solving global health problems which can threaten the lives of people.

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