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Prof. Nishida's Greeting

Fostering the Power to Think Through, Producing New Human Resources with Leadership

Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Professor
(Director of the Course of Infectious Research)
Program Vice-coordinator
Noriyuki Nishida

Noriyuki Nishida

Human resources with leadership and problem-solving ability are now being sought in all sectors. In the field of global infectious disease research and control, there are also unexperienced problems and unknown pathogens which cannot be handled with existing knowledge, and leaders with expertise and applied skills are being sought. This is so both at the sites of problems occurred at home and abroad, or in international organizations. Conventional education has been based on downloading of existing knowledge. Our education program fosters the “power to think through” based on a thorough hands-on approach, with the aim of acquiring the “ability to handle unknown problems”. We nurture PhDs with an established area of expertise, but with intellectual curiosity expanding beyond the boundaries of that area, and who “learn from the future”.

With the Keywords Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will
The first year curriculum mainly focuses on scientific problems in a survey of important pathogens, and a course on finding new solutions is planned. The second year focuses on the relevance of problems of international society, searching for panoramic and global solutions to problems.

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