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Program Committee

Evaluation system

A Scientific Committee and a Stakeholder Committee have been established as external evaluators for the program, while evaluations by a Student Task Force and a Program Committee are internal self- evaluations. The content of the recommendations from the external and self-evaluation groups is reported to the Program Committee and Graduate Leadership Steering Committee to improve the overall program.

Program Committee

1. External evaluation system

Stakeholder Committee

Composed of representatives from international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF, domestic public organizations (infectious disease research organizations), private enterprises and medical institutions. The committee discusses the administrative performance, content of curriculum, student enrollment status and research. It deliberates means of improvement so that the students who complete the program can be active at a global level.

Scientific Committee

Composed of external committee members in positions of leadership in regions related to the program. The committee evaluates the curriculum and thesis defense.

2. Internal self-evaluation system

Student Task Force

Composed of program students whose opinions of the curriculum and program are summarized and reflected in the evaluation of the program.

Program Committee

Composed of program supervisors and administrators who conduct internal self-evaluations once a year to improve the curriculum.

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