"New Paradigms - Establishing Centers for Fostering Medical Researchers of the Future". Innovative development of human resources for comprehensive community care. -Doctors for Communities (DOCS) - Fostering Research - Minded General Physicians-

Nagasaki University Graduate School of
Biomedical Sciences Center for
Comprehensive Community Care Education
1-12-4 Sakamoto,Nagasaki, 852-8523 tel: +81-95-819-7046

In a super-aging society, our current long-term challenge is to build a regional comprehensive care system for the elderly and to promote a holistic medical practice for elderly patients who suffer from various ailments. Our future goal is to train staff that provides comprehensive medical care for examining patients from a broad perspective through the multidisciplinary collaboration between Nagasaki University and Junshin Catholic University. Our mission statement is "Building a leading educational research center that promotes an integrative medical care and training of general practitioners that connect people to people, place to place, and research to care".

This project was selected for "training of research-minded general practitioners" under the Future Medical Research Staff Training Center Development Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in 2013.