1. From Yokohama to Nagasaki

Take the limousine bus or train from Yokohama to Haneda airport.

It takes approximately 1h 30min by flight from Haneda airport to Nagasaki airport.

2. From Nagasaki Airport to hotel St. PRIERE

Take the limousine bus to Nagasaki Station. After getting off the bus, follow route202 toward south. Total walking distance is about 5 minutes.

Limousine Bus Time Table between airport and downtown area

3. From Nagasaki to Asian countries

  Access from Nagasaki to Fukuoka Airport

  3-1.  By Train: Take a limited express train (Kamome) from Nagasaki station to   Hakata station, then transfer to a subway (Kuko Line) to get to Fukuoka airport.
  It takes about 2h 15min.

  3-2.  By Highway Bus: Take Highway Bus from Nagasaki bus terminal (near   Nagasaki station) to Fukuoka airport international terminal.
  It takes about 2h 30min.

4. Hotel information

Hotel New Nagasaki

5. Travel information

From Yokohama to Haneda airport (Tokyo)

Nagasaki airport

Nagasaki station

Nagasaki visitor guide

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Nagasaki city guide

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