Keitaro Matsumoto
Message Keitaro Matsumoto
From 2015 I have taken on management of the Medical-Engineering hybrid professional development center.
To date I have worked as a General Thoracic respiratory surgeon, I have strived to advance research in the fields of thoracoscopic surgery, lung transplantation, tracheal surgery and lung regeneration. During the past 20 years I have seen significant changes in diagnostics; surgical methods and perioperative care of which the benefits have been faster and safer surgical procedures. One of the evident reasons for this improvement is the advancement of medical instruments another being significant improvement in surgical procedures.
This project’s mission is to further accelerate this advancement into the future by nurturing human resources. While it is very important to nurture the ability to “think on the run” that is to come up with ideas while gaining experience and during on the job training, it is also essential to provide a fertile environment where many new ideas can be realized. To achieve this, interdisciplinary seamless communication, appropriate connections and in depth collaboration are foundational.
If you are interested in being a part of this advancement contact us anytime for details.
Name: Keitaro Matsumoto
Affiliation/ Position: Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology
Area of specialization: General Thoracic Surgery
Research topics: Trachea, lung regeneration, thoracoscopic surgery
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