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Message from Professors
Here are several messages from Professors to prospective students.
Please look at "Teaching Staff" for further information on other laboratories.

[Master Course]
Professor Yuko Hirano
Department of Public Health Nursing
Unit of Nursing
Health Sciences

My specialty is the Sociology of Health and Illness. The Sociology of Health and Illness is a multidisciplinary field involving economics, politics and health sciences. It focuses on the phenomenon of health and illness by considering both formal and informal inter-relationships based on person-to-person, person-to-group and group-to-group dynamics. In this field of study, both quantitative and qualitative analyses are used. The goal of the Sociology of Health and Illness is to accumulate data that can be utilized to develop a 'healthier' society, thereby leading to a higher quality of life and greater respect for human rights.
Those who are interested in the multidisciplinary study of health sciences, regardless of differences in profession, gender, nationality or cultural background are welcome at my laboratory. Please feel free to contact me at
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[Doctoral Course]
Professor Noboru Minakawa
Department of Vector Ecology and Environment
Unit of Tropical Infectious Diseases
Infection Research

In our laboratory we invite participants, students and collaborators irrespective of gender, age, University from which they graduated, faculty (or department) or current occupation. Furthermore we welcome not only fresh graduates but also former graduates who are already working.
Mosquito studies in Japan are not so advanced although in the Medical field they are important, given the fact that mosquitoes are vectors of various diseases of medical importance afflicting human beings. From now on we intend to incorporate knowledge and experience from other related medical research fields into mosquito research.

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[Master and Doctoral Course]
Professor Nobuhisa Iwata
Department of Genome-based Drug Discovery
Unit of Molecular Medicinal Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences

In order to accomplish a study, you need to view things from a broader perspective, to consider deeply what the problem is, how to clarify it, and to forward the research logically.
In other words, you should polish up your own abilities to see through true nature of a thing and to evaluate data obtained by yourself and information provided from paper critically, and to acquire high technical skills.
It is also necessary to enhance your own serendipity by being aware of various questions all the time.
Let's study keeping these matters in your mind. No matter how a small finding, letfs share a pleasure to discover a new. Enjoy your experiments, enjoy your neuroscience, and enjoy your changes to make your bright future!
Please join us!

@Visit "Department of Genome-based Drug Discovery" web site
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