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Teaching Staff
  Master Course - Pharmaceutical Sciences
Departments Teacher
Department of Cell Regulation Professor  TAKEDA Kohsuke
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation Professor  KANEKO Masayuki
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Professor  TANAKA Masakazu
Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Professor  ISHIHARA Jun
Department of Synthetic Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals Professor  ONOMURA Osamu
Department of Genome-based Drug Discovery Professor  IWATA Nobuhisa
Department of Natural Product Chemistry Professor  TANAKA Takashi
Department of Medicinal Plant Biochemistry  
Department of Structure Analysis for Chemicals    
Department of Chemistry of Biofunctional Molecules Professor  YAMAYOSHI Asako
Department of Hygienic Chemistry Professor  TORIBA Akira
Department of Analytical Chemistry Professor  KURODA Naotaka
Department of Pharmacotherapeutics Professor  TSUKAMOTO Kazuhiro
Department of Pharmaceutical Informatics Professor  KAWAKAMI Shigeru
Department of Pharmaceutics Professor  NISHIDA Koyo
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