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Teaching Staff
  Doctoral Course - Infection Research
Departments Teacher
Department of Immunology Professor  
Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology Professor  NISHIDA Noriyuki
Department of Infectious Diseases Professor  IZUMIKAWA Koichi
Department of Microbiology and Oral Infection Professor  NAITO Mariko
Department of Molecular Virology Professor  MORITA Kouichi
@MOI Meng Ling
Department of Bacteriology Professor  KODAMA Toshio
Department of Medical Protozoology Professor  KANEKO Osamu
Department of Medical Helminthology Professor  HAMANO Shinjiro
Department of Immunogenetics Professor  
Department of Clinical Investigation  
Department of Ecoepidemiology and Epidemiological Informatics in Tropical Medicine Professor  KANEKO Satoshi
Department of International Health Professor  YAMAMOTO Taro
Department of Vector Ecology and Environment Professor  MINAKAWA Noboru
Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine Professor  MORIMOTO Konosuke
Department of Tropical Pediatric Infectious Diseases Professor  YOSHIDA Laymyint
Department of Clinical Product Development Professor  
Department of Tropical Bacteriology Professor  
Department of Tropical Microbiology Professor  HASEBE Futoshi
Department of Emerging Viral Diseases Professor  YASUDA Jiro
Department of Cellular and Molecular Virology Professor  NANBO Asuka
Department of Viral Ecology Professor  YOSHII Kentaro
Collaborative Course
Units Departments Teacher
Unit of Hepatology (Collaborative Course) Department of Integrative Regulation  
Department of Healthcare Research  
Department of Viral Hepatitis Professor  YATSUHASHI Hiroshi
Department of Advanced Research Professor  NAKAMURA Minoru
Department of Function and Morphology Professor  KUROKI Tamotsu
Department of Clinical Pathology Professor  ITO Masahiro
Unit of Mycobacteriosis (Collaborative Course)    Department of Basic Mycobacteriosis  Professor  MITARAI Satoshi
Professor  KEICHO Naoto
Departnment of Clinical Mycobacteriosis  Professor  SHIRAISHI Yuji
Professor  SENJU Hideaki
Professor  KIMURA Hiroshi
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