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Osamu Onomura, PhD. Dean

 The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences was established in 2002 to adapt its educational platforms to the rapid developments in biomedical sciences, with unification of the graduate schools of medicine, dentistry, and pharmaceutical sciences. Since the establishment, our graduate school has utilized all the intelligence to expand the capacity in research and education with more multidisciplinary, sophisticated, up-to-date, and international standards. With such guideline, the professionals and experts of the graduate school have collaboratively developed their world-standard research and education multilaterally.
 The graduate school’s missions in educaiton are to develop
  1. a variety of professionals with scientific creativity and global senses,
  2. experts engaging in the latest research topics in biomedical sciences along with the University’s advantages, with outstanding capacities contributing to the society in the expertized areas,
  3. medical specialists with rationality, independence and cooperativeness as professionals.
 Under the admission policy with such missions and core values, we widely welcome students from inside/outside Japan with great potential to adapt themselves to the rapid development in the biomedical sciences, particularly ones with aspiration for
  1. developing research activities on the cutting edge,
  2.contribution to societies in various fields, such as advanced medicine, public health adminitration, and international medical cooperation,
  3. being a leader in the next era with abandant creativity and sufficient awareness of responsibility.
 Our graduate school offers curriculums in which students can learn broader and deeper throughout medical sciences. Furthermore, we also provide unique programs for multidisciplinary human resources such as “Medical-Engineering hybrid professional development program”, “Cancer Professional Training Plan”, “Program for Nurturing Global Leaders in Tropical and Emerging Communicable Diseases”, and “Cooperation between universities in Russia and Japan Leader development business in disaster/ exposure medical science field”. While we develop our two strategic cores in Tropical Medicine/ New & Reemerging Infectious Diseases and in Radiation Disaster Medicine, we foster further interdiscipline for the third strategic core through the 7 study sub-units such as those for transplantation & regenerative medicine, and academic drug discovery.
 The systematic approaches enable our graduated students with the Ph.D. title to be key players as world-wide professional researchers or medical expert, with following specialties and skills,
  1. comprehensive and broad knowledge in biomedical sciences,
  2. research skills for advanced biomedical scientific research,
  3. communication skills for academic publication in international academic societies/ conference,
  4. comprehensive skills & techniques to conduct research activities as the principal investigator,
  5. skills in the latest biomedical sciences required for contribution for international society.
 It is inevitable for our school to continue empowering competitiveness of research and capability of education at both of individual and group level, which ensures the successful academic achievement of students. In the field of biomedical sciences, Ph.D. degree acquisition is often regarded as the first step of the professionals who can discuss in a constructive manner across the national borders. We, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offer a variety of programs supporting for such career paths.
 I have been assigned as the dean of the graduate school of Biomedical Sciences since November 2017 although my original academic background is not in medical field but in engineering. Our graduate school welcomes both medical-background and non-medical background students. The diversity in background and past career leads to the creation of new values through the mergers. I am looking forward to creating such new values and building the bright future together with you at our graduate school.
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